MoFo - A dictionary of Morphemic Forms

MoFo is a dictionary of Kalaallisut (Greenlandic). It is a true morphemic dictionary: its primary purpose is not to list how words are spelt, but to record the underlying morphemic form of bases, affixes, enclitics and particles, using the morphemic notation of An Introduction to West Greenlandic (AITWG). Thus, this dictionary is first and foremost created for people who want to learn Greenlandic, rather than people who already speak the language. See the Documentation for an explanation of why a morphemic dictionary is better suited for learners than any of the other dictionaries available.


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MoFo is very much an on-going project. It is far from complete, since building an entire dictionary for a language is time-consuming task. I have therefore decided to focus on recording the information I believe will be most relevant for a learner of Kalaallisut. Currently, the dictionary contains the following:

Would you like to contribute?

MoFo is a hobby-project I develop in my spare time and add entries to whenever I have time for it. However, building a dictionary is a slow and lengthy process. Therefore, the more people who want to help adding entries, the sooner we will have a complete morphemic dictionary of Kalaallisut. If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch with me through email or Discord.

Current number of entries: 337