Morphemic form: {taknəq}N (Combinations)
New orthography: tanneq
Proto-eskimoic root:
Constituents: {takə}V + V{nəq}N
Morpheme type: Noun base
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

Comparative/superlative of {takə}V. This stem is a combination of {takə}V and V{nəq}N with elision of /ə/. This form is lexicalised, but the productive (regular) combination takineq is also possible.

Declension information

Stem type: Strong q-stem
Declension type: up-declined
Declension sandhi: Weakening ABS.3sg/sg Special forms
New orthography tanneq tannerup tannerit tannermut tannera
Phonemic notation taknəq taknərup taknerit taknəqmut taknəra


Meaning Notes
the longest of the two clock-hands This is used in time expressions with a verb constructed from a numeral + N{ŋŋuq}V 'become N', to tell the number of minutes to/past the hour, by stating what number the longest of the clock-hands points to. Examples