Morphemic form: {taku}V (Combinations)
New orthography: takuaa, takunnippoq, takuvugut, takuuk!
Proto-eskimoic root: taku-
Morpheme type: Verbal base
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

There is some doubt about what HTR-morpheme is preferred by the stem: According to the DAKA it is {nnək}, i.e. takunnippoq, but you may also encounter {ði}, i.e. takusivoq. The transitive imperative 2sg/3sg ending commonly appears as V{-uk}, rather than the regular V{-juk} on vowel stems: thus this form will often be takuuk!, although you also may encounter the regular form takujuk!

Verb stem

Right sandhi: Irregular changes to mood marker (see description)
Valency: Divalent (valency 2)
Diathesis: Reflexive/reciprocal (BP)
HTR-morpheme: {nnək}
HTR-stem: {takunnək}V


Meaning Notes
Agent sees Patient Note: When used with intransitive endings (with plural person) and no intervening HTR-morpheme, the meaning becomes reflexive/reciprocal, 'Agents see each other'. Examples