Morphemic form: V{-liq}V (Combinations)
New orthography: -lerpoq
Proto-eskimoic root: liq-
Morpheme type: Verbal modifier
Left sandhi: Sandhi-truncative
Right sandhi: Assibilation


Form and usage:

The affix indicates the onset of an action, or the transition from one state of being to another. Often, this can simply be translated as present tense, possibly with a 'now'. However, the affix is often required in Greenlandic, because many verb stems have an inherent past-tense meaning. In such cases, the effect of adding this affix is to locate the action right before the present moment.

Note also that the true /i/ can cause assibilation of a following /t/ to /s/.

Verb stem

Right sandhi: Regular
Valency: Valency-preserving
Diathesis: Unaltered (same as the stem)


Meaning Notes
begin to Vb This is often too literal a translation. Examples