Morphemic form: N{-riaq}V (Combinations)
New orthography: -riarpoq, -riarpaa, -riarluni, -riarlugu
Proto-eskimoic root: ɣiaq-, ʀiaq-
Morpheme type: Verbaliser
Left sandhi: Sandhi-truncative
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

The meaning of this affix is monovalent, but it can also take an avalent meaning if the verb it refers to is also avalent. It can seemingly even be used with transitive endings in contemporative, if the main verb is passive (with the subject then referring to the hidden Agent role).

Verb stem

Right sandhi: Regular
Valency: Monovalent (valency 1)
Diathesis: Subjective (intransitive)


Meaning Notes
Vb N times Where N is a numeral or another noun stem indicating a number/quantity. Examples