Morphemic form: *{una} (Combinations)
New orthography: +una, +uku
Proto-eskimoic root: uv-
Morpheme type: Enclitic


Form and usage:

This is the same as the demonstrative {una}, but here used as an enclitic. The plural form *{uku} may also be used, if referring to multiple objects.


Meaning Notes
it is ... or 'they are', if the plural form *{uku} is used. This enclitic can form a main clause, which can even take an object clause; i.e. 'it is N, that is ...'. This construction is an example of clefting in Greenlandic. There can never be coreference between the subject of the object clause and the 'dummy subject' it of the main clause formed with this enclitic; hence, the object clause will always be in the participial mood (and never in contemporative mood). Examples