Morphemic form: V{-rijainnau}V (Combinations)
New orthography: -riaannaavoq
Proto-eskimoic root:
Constituents: V{-rijaq}N + N{-(g)innaq}N + N{-u}V
Morpheme type: Verbal modifier
Left sandhi: Sandhi-truncative
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

From {yaʀ}, according to Fortescue et al. (2010), thus the first morpheme is V{-rijaq}N and not V{-riaq}V. The morpheme is valency preserving on monovalent stems, but on divalent stems it seems to be valency reducing, by removing the Agent (and preserving the Patient).

Verb stem

Right sandhi: Regular
Valency: Monovalent (valency 1)
Diathesis: Subjective (intransitive)

Right sandhi: Regular
Valency: Valency-reducing
Diathesis: Patientive (NAP)


Meaning Notes
Patient is easily Vb'ed Examples
Actor is ready to Vb Examples