Morphemic form: N{-li}V (Combinations)
New orthography: -livoq, -sivoq
Proto-eskimoic root: li-
Morpheme type: Verbaliser
Left sandhi: Replacive (sandhi-truncative)
Right sandhi: Assibilation


Form and usage:

This affix is not productive in modern language, but it exists in many lexicalised combinations. See N{-liuq}V for the modern-day variant corresponding to this morpheme.

Left sandhi:

It may cause a preceeding /aq/ to drop, especially in combination with the nominal future affix N{-kcaq}N, where N{kcaq}N{-li}V may yield /kci/.

Verb stem

Right sandhi: Regular
Valency: Monovalent (valency 1)
Diathesis: Subjective (intransitive)


Meaning Notes
Actor makes N
Actor spends the N with a noun denoting some period of time, such as day, weekend etc.