Morphemic form: V{-gə}V (Combinations)
New orthography: -gaa, -raa, -givaa, -rivaa, -ginnippoq, -rinnippoq
Proto-eskimoic root: kə-
Variants: N{-gə}V
Morpheme type: Verbal modifier
Left sandhi: Fusional (sandhi truncative, except on q-stems)
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

The root of this morpheme is presumably the same as N{-gÉ™}V used on nominal stems, albeit with a completely different meaning. The meaning can be rendered as 'Agent considers Patient (too) Vb'ing'. However, the meaning of too may not always be appropriate. You will have to rely on context to determine whether it should be understood in this sense or not. Regardless, this affix is most commonly used with stems of state, such as pinnerpoq 'she is beautiful', angivoq 'he is big' etc. It is also found in a number of lexicalised constructions, e.g. nuannaraa 'he likes/enjoys it'.

Left sandhi:

This affix is truncative, except on q-stems where /qg/ regularly fuse to /r/.

Verb stem

Right sandhi: ə-contraction
Valency: Valency-increasing
Diathesis: Reflexive/reciprocal (BP)
HTR-morpheme: {nnək}
HTR-stem: V{-gənnək}V


Meaning Notes
Agent considers Patient to be (too) Vb'ing Examples