Morphemic form: V{saq}V (Combinations)
New orthography: +sarpaa, +saavoq
Proto-eskimoic root: caʀ-
Variants: V{saaq}V
Morpheme type: Verbal modifier
Left sandhi: Default (additive, epenthetic or phonotactically truncative)
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

The meaning of this affix is 'Agent (tries to) make Patient Vb'. Thus, the affix increases the valency of the stem by adding a new Agent role to the relation:

If used with intransitive endings without an intervening HTR-morpheme, the meaning seems to be reflexive, 'Agent (tries to) make himself be Vb'ing', which seems to be translated as just 'try to'. However, intransitive usage seems to be more common with the variant V{saaq}V, which may have stronger connotations of 'try' than the present affix.

Verb stem

Right sandhi: Regular
Valency: Valency-increasing
Diathesis: Reflexive/reciprocal (BP)
HTR-morpheme: {ði}
HTR-stem: V{sai}V


Meaning Notes
Agent causes/makes Patient to be Vb'ing See also the variant V{saaq}V with a similar meaning, perhaps with a connotation of try to cause. Examples