does not/never Vb


This construction is used to negate the meaning of habitual V{ðaq}V; thus to create a word with the opposite meaning of habitual V{ðaq}V, replace that affix with this 'pseudo-affix'. It denotes that the subject categorically does not Vb (not even occasionally).

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
kalaallisut oqalunneq ajorpunga I do not speak Greenlandic Compare kalaallisut oqaluttarpunga, 'I speak Greenlandic' (habitually).
pujortarneq ajorpunga I do not smoke Compare pujortartarpunga 'I smoke (habitually)', that is, 'I'm a smoker'.
akilerneq ajorpara I do not (habitually) pay it Here akilerpaa is transitive (the stem is divalent) so we therefore here get ajorpara with a transitive ending V{vara} (indicative 1.sg/3.sg).