Subject is as Vb'ing (as something)


This affix is used with stems of state to express an equal degree of Vb'ing between the subject, and some other object of comparison (denotes 'as something' in the translation). This object of comparison is usually marked with an equalis case ending (meaning 'as'), but there are also other possibilities. Here are three common structures:

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
Piitaq ataatamisut angitigaaq Piitaq is as big as his father Here the explicit object of comparison is ataata, with EQU.4sg/sg possessive ending N{misut}, 'his (own) N'.The verb stem is {aŋə}V, 'Actor is big'.
Piitaq qanoq angitigaa? how big is Piitaq? With interrogative 3sg ending V{va}. Schwa-contraction deletes the single /v/ from the ending, thus yielding angitigaa.
ima angitigaaq he is as tall as this where this e.g. may be indicated with the hands.
paasisinnaanngilaat sooq uanga taamak ungasitsigisumut aallarusuppunga they couldn't understand why I wanted to travel to something as distant as that This is a longer example. The word containing V{təgə}V is ungasitsigisumut, built from {uŋasik}V{təgə}V{ðuq}N{mut}. The base is {uŋasik}V, 'is distant/far away' followed by V{təgə}V, and then intransitive participle V{ðuq}N, thus yielding a noun meaning 'something as distant (as that)' where 'as that' is expressed by the anaphoric demonstrative taamak, referring to a previously described place (the example istaken from Per Langgård's 'Grønlandsk for Voksne').