Actor consumes N

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
iffiartorpoq he eats (rhye) bread
kaffisorpoq he drinks coffee Here we see /t/ being assibilated to /s/ because of the final /i/.
tiitorpoq he drinks tea Here /t/ is not assibilated, even though {tiiq}N, 'tea' also ends in a true /i/ (since it is a borrowed word).
sikaritsitorpoq he smokes cigarettes In this example, /t/ is also not assibilated to /s/, even though cigaret has here been greenlandised by suffixing an /i/.
amersorpoq he eats fish skin From {amiq}N 'fish skin'. Here the true /i/ does assibilate /t/ to /s/.
mannissorpoq he eats eggs From {mannik}N 'egg'. Here the true /i/ does assibilate /t/ to /s/.