This is the number 6. It is only used for counting and telling the time. For the quantity, which is used for naming anything consisting of 6 parts (e.g. years, months, days), see {aqvinələk}N. Note that this number is singular, even though the meaning is plural.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
arfinermut at 6 o'clock Note the singular ending is used (as is also the case with ataaseq, aqqaneq, arfersaneq).
immikkoortut arferngat sixth chapter I.e. chapter 6. Note that the possessor immikkoortut 'chapters' is plural, but the possessive ending is singular (ABS.3pl/sg). Thus, the literal translation is the chapters' sixth.
novembarip (ulluisa) arfernganni on the 6th of November Literally 'November's days' sixth'. Note that ulluisa, with ERG.3sg/pl, is often omitted, even though the ending on arfineq still is plural.