want to Vb


Similar in meaning to V{yuma}V, perhaps signifying a little more desire ('desires to Vb') than V{yuma}V. Other meanings could be 'has an urge/desire to Vb' or 'would like to' etc.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
sinikkusuppoq he wants to sleep
sulerusuppoq he wants to work This example also illustrates the behaviour of this affix on a vowel stem: The base is {suli}V, a vowel stem, so the epenthetic (q) is injected, and /qg/ then merge to /r/.
tunniukkusuppaa he wants to give it (to someone) From {tunniut(ə)}V + V{(q)gusuk}V + V{vaa} ⇒ /tunniutgusukvaa/, illustrating the behaviour on a t(ə)-stem. The affix is additive, so (ə) is not inserted.