Actor makes N


This can be both in the sense of 'build/create', but also 'make/prepare/process' with e.g. foods.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
illuliorpoq he builds a house
neqiliorpoq he prepares/cooks seal meat
kaagiliorpoq he makes/bakes a cake
imertaasiorpoq he makes a bucket From {əməqtautə}N (imertaat), 'water bucket', with replacivity.
Nukissiorfiit The name of the company providing electricity in Greenland From nukissaq, '(future) electric power'. The final morpheme is nominal future affix N{kcaq}N, where the affix causes aq-drop.
qaanniorpoq he makes a kayak From {qajaq}N, where the affix causes /aq/ to drop, which triggers the (very irregular) gemination /qaj-/ ⇒ /qainn-/.