Vb continually


Or 'keep on Vb'ing', 'go on vb'ing' etc.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
equjuarpoq it continually becomes bent
ingerlajuarpoq he keeps going
seqinnertuarpoq the sun is shining all the time
siallertuarpoq it keeps on raining
ulapittuarpoq he is busy all the time
suliuarpoq he is constantly working From sulivoq, 'he works', with /j/ not written after [i] as usual.
ukisiuarpoq he keeps staring emptily from ukisivoq, with /j/ not written after [i].
aallartuarpoq he keeps on travelling
naalattuarpaa he keeps obeying him
asajuarpaa he keeps on loving her Note: Schultz-Lorentzen (1958) gives asauarpâ as an alternative form, suggesting /j/ is dropped on vowel stems, but this does not seem to be the behaviour nowadays.
isigiuarpaa he keeps looking at him From {əcəgə}V, i.e. /əcəgəjuaqvaa/, with /ə/ taking the sound [i] before a consonant, and then with /j/ not written after [i].