poor, useless N


Also 'pathetic', 'bad' etc., sometimes with connotations of 'small'. It can also be used in an endearing sense with names.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
aalisagaarsuk a bad/pathetic(aly small) fish
inuarsuk a pathetic person
maliarsuk a small wave Seemingly 'pathetic' implies 'small' here.
iputaarsuk a bad/useless oar From iput, 'oar', so a tÉ™-stem.
saarullivarsuk a bad/pathetic(aly small) cod It is unclear why the /v/ should be injected here (compare maliarsuk). This may be an irregularity or just an optional form (but see notes under the variant V{-aqcuk}V).
unaavarsuk a bad/useless harpoon From unaaq, 'harpoon', with /VV/ triggering phonotactic epenthesis of /v/.
pulateriaarsuk snake From pulateriaq, 'earth worm'.
piarsuit rubbish Literally 'useless things'.
toornaarsuk little helper spirit A helping spirit of the angakkoq (shaman). Here, the affix is used in an endearing sense.
taannaraarsuk the dear/sweet one Here, the affix is used in an endearing sense.