the act of Vb'ing


This is the 'abstract participle' meaning; i.e., the affix creates a noun representing the verbal action itself. Note that for patient-preserving stems, this will require the addition of a HTR-morpheme before V{nəq}N.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
sulineq work from {suli}V 'Actor works', literally 'the act of working'. This is a monovalent stem, so V{nəq}N can be added directly.
nerineq (the act of) eating From {nərə}V 'Agent eats Patient'. This is a non-patient preserving stem, so no HTR-morpheme is required before adding V{nəq}N.
asanninneq love from the HTR-stem of {asa}V 'Agent loves Patient'. This is a patient-preserving stem, so it requires a HTR-morpheme before V{nəq}N can be added.