Actor works with N


Or 'occupies himself with N'.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
allunaasalerivoq he works with some ropework From allunaasaq, 'rope'.
neqilerivoq he prepares the meat E.g. for drying.
qalipaatilerivoq he works with paint Alternatively qalipaaserivoq with replacivity. The stem is qalipaat, i.e. a tə-stem.
aningaaserivoq he works with money From {anəŋaucaq}N, 'money' with drop of /aq/. Alternatively aningaasalerivoq without replacivity and /aq/ drop.
orserivoq he works with blubber Old orthography orsserivoĸ, from orssoĸ 'blubber'. This is formed with drop of final /uq/. Alternatively orsulerivoq without replacivity and /uq/ drop.
ujaqqerivoq he works with stone/masonry From ujarak, 'stone'. This a geminating weak k-stem (plural ujaqqat), so here /ak/ is dropped.