the Vb'ing of Possessor


When used with possessive endings on divalent stems. This can either be understood in an active or passive sense:

If the action is future, this is often expressed by adding the nominal future affix N{kcaq}N to V{nəq}N, before the possessive ending, rather than adding V{ssa}V to the verbal stem before V{nəq}N.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
Piitap tikinnissaa qilaanaaraara I'm looking forward to Piitaq's (future) arrival From {təkit}V{nəq}N{kcaq}N{-a}. {təkit}V, 'arrive', is a non-patient-preserving stem, so no HTR-morpheme is required: The meaning is active, Piitap is the Agent.
Piitap toqunnera the killing of Piitaq {tuqut}V is a patient-preserving stem, and since there is no HTR-morpheme, Piitaq is therefore understood as the Patient of the action; i.e. he is killed (by someone).
Piitap toqutsinera the kill(ing) of Piitaq Here there is a HTR-morpheme {ði}, so the meaning is now active; i.e. Piitaq is here understood as the one who performs the act of killing.