happen to Vb


With connotations of the verbal action being somehow accidental, unfortunate, happening despite expectations etc.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
aserortoorpoq it (unfortunately) broke
oqartoorpoq he said something (by mistake)
unittoorpoq it has stalled Or 'unfortunately stopped'.
aperisoorpoq he unfortunately/accidentally asked
isasoorpoq it (unfortunately) fell apart
peersoorpoq it has (unfortunately) fallen off Note: /ð/ becomes /t/ by the ð-rule, but /t/ is then assibilated to /s/ by the preceding /i/ (the t-to-s rule).
ajornartoorpoq it (unfortunately) became impossible
peqanngitsoorpoq he was unfortunately not present Note: /tð/ does not assimilate.
ilisarinngitsoorpara (unfortunately) I didn't happen to know him Note: /tð/ does not assimilate.
illuminik ikuallattoorpoq he unfortunately (happened to) set his own house on fire