Morphemic form: {akunnəq}N
New orthography: akunneq, akornganni
Proto-eskimoic root: akunnəq
Morpheme type: Noun base
Right sandhi: None



This stem is often used as a spatial/directional stem with possessive endings (with possessor in plural), to indicate the space or area between possessors.

Noun stem

Stem type: Strong q-stem
Declension type: up-declined
Declension sandhi: Irregular ABS.3sg/sg Special forms
New orthography akunneq akunnerup akunnerit akunnermut akornga
Phonemic notation akunnəq akunnərup akunnərit akunnəqmut akuqna
Notes on declension:

This stem declines as a strong q-stem with weakening in the unmarked cases, but with metathesis in the possessive form (with vowel-initial endings).


Meaning Notes
area or space (between something) Examples