Morphemic form: N{siaq}N (Combinations)
New orthography: +siaq
Proto-eskimoic root:
Constituents: N{si}V + V{-ðaq}N
Morpheme type: Nominal modifier
Left sandhi: Default (additive, epenthetic or phonotactically truncative)
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

Non-standard combination of N{si}V, 'acquire/encounter N' and the non-productive, variant form {aʀ} of the passive participle, i.e. V{-ðaq}N.

Declension information

Stem type: Weak q-stem
Declension type: p-declined
Declension sandhi: Regular


Meaning Notes
something acquired Or 'bought'. From the first, more common meaning of N{si}V. Examples
something encountered From the second, less common meaning of N{si}V. Examples