Morphemic form: N{-kit}V (Combinations)
New orthography: -kippoq, -kitsoq
Proto-eskimoic root: k(k)it-
Morpheme type: Verbaliser
Left sandhi: Sandhi-truncative
Right sandhi: tc-exception


Form and usage:

This affix may be related to N{-it}V, 'is without N', although the relation is unclear according to Fortescue et al. (2010). Note that this is a true t-stem, so with the intransitive participle V{ðuq}N and endings in the intransitive participial mood (mood marker {ðu}), /tð/ will not assimilate fully but instead yield 'ts'.

Verb stem

Right sandhi: Regular
Valency: Monovalent (valency 1)
Diathesis: Subjective (intransitive)


Meaning Notes
Actor has (a) small N As usual, the incorporated noun has no number, so it can be either singular or plural. Examples
Actor has few N Examples