Morphemic form: V{nəqvaaq}N (Combinations)
New orthography: +nerpaaq
Proto-eskimoic root: nəʀpa(C)aʀ
Constituents: V{nəq}N + N{(q)vaaq}N
Morpheme type: Nominaliser
Left sandhi: ə-eliding (additive)
Right sandhi: aq-dropping


Form and usage:

This affix is a combination of superlative V{nəq}N and {vaɣ} and {va(C)aʀ}. The final part is the 'ghost-morpheme' {aq}, which may drop before certain affixes and vowel-initial endings, especially N{-u}V, which may be used to verbalise this affix.

Left sandhi:

The first morpheme in this combination is V{nəq}N, so this affix it inherits the ə-eliding left-sandhi of this morpheme. See that for examples of ə-elision.

Declension information

Stem type: Weak q-stem
Declension type: p-declined
Declension sandhi: Regular
Notes on declension:

This form is not used with possessive endings; only with non-possessive case endings, or verbalised with N{-u}V.


Meaning Notes
the most Vb'ing Unlike V{nəq}N, which can mean either 'more' or 'most' Vb'ing, this affix only mean 'most Vb'ing'. As with V{nəq}N (in the comparative sense), this affix is only used with adjectival stems. Examples