Morphemic form: V{(v)vik}N (Combinations)
New orthography: +fik, +ffik
Proto-eskimoic root: ðviɣ
Variants: V{'-vik}N
Morpheme type: Nominaliser
Left sandhi: Default (additive, epenthetic or phonotactically truncative)
Right sandhi: Assibilation


Form and usage:

Maybe V{(ð)vik}N according to Fortescue et al. (2010) (which makes no practical difference). See also the (mostly non-productive) variant V{'-vik}N, which may cause gemination in the stem.

Left sandhi:

Note that /vv/ always become [ff], never [pp], unlike virtually every other v-initial morpheme.

Declension information

Stem type: Regular k-stem
Declension type: up-declined
Declension sandhi: Regular ABS.3sg/sg Special forms
New orthography +fik +fiup +fiit +fimmut +fia
Phonemic notation (v)vik (v)viup (v)viit (v)vikmut (v)via


Meaning Notes
place where one Vb This meaning can (albeit rarely) also be used to refer to a person who is Vb'ed. Examples
time when one Vb's This meaning is less common than 'place'. Examples