place where one Vb


This meaning can (albeit rarely) also be used to refer to a person who is Vb'ed.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
igaffik kitchen From igavoq, 'he cooks food', so literally 'place where one cooks food'.
Jiisusi upperfiga Jesus, (the one who) I believe in From upperpoq ,'he is (religiously) believing (in something)' and with ABS.1sg/sg ending N{ga}, 'my N'. The use of the affix in this sense is quite rare with possessive endings. More commonly, this would be expressed by combination with N{-gÉ™}V.
atorfik (job) position Literally 'place where one is used'.
naalaffiga the one I obey
nunaliffik landing-place Or 'harbour', i.e. the place where one makes land.
toquffik death-place I.e., the place where someone died.
aalisarfik fishing-place
naalagaaffik realm Literally 'place that (has) a regent'.
kunngeqarfik kingdom Literally 'place that has a king'.
pisiniarfik store Literally 'place where one buys (something)'.
atuarfik school Literally 'place where one reads'
oqaluffik church Literally 'place where one speaks' (i.e., the priest, preaching from the pulpit).
nerlerfia the place where he caught/shot a goose With Absolutive 3.sg/sg possessive ending N{-a}, literally 'his goose-catching place'.
puisinniarfik seal-catching place From puisinniarpoq, 'he catches seals'.
qimaaffik shelter From qimaavoq, 'he escapes', so literally 'an escape place'.