Agent waits for Patient to Vb


Or 'waits until Patient Vb'.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
allitsiivaa he waits for it to become big From allivoq 'it becomes bigger'.
tikitsiivaa he waits for him to arrive From {təkit}V, so /t/ is not assimilated.
taarsitsiivaa he waits for darkness to fall I.e., he waits for 'it' to become dark.
oqarsiivaa he waits for him to say something
anissiivaa he waits for him to go out Note: irregularly formed (example from DAKA). It should be anitsiivaa, since this is a vowel stem. This may be an error.
ilatsiivai he waits for them to become bigger Or 'more numerous'? From ilavoq, 'it has become bigger'.
uku inersiigallakkit wait until these are finished!
silanngorsiivaa he waits for the weather to get better Literally: 'he waits for it to become (better) weather'