Vb greatly


or 'highly' or similar. When negated with V{ŋŋit}V, the meaning obviously changes to 'not very/particularly Vb'.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
ajungaarpoq it is very bad
pingaarpoq it is important Literally 'it is very' with the dummy verb stem {pi}V, which has no real meaning on its own.
aliasungaarpoq he is very saddened
asangaarpaa she loves him very much
takingaanngilaq it is not very long With negation V{ŋŋit}V.
ajungaanngilaq it isn't particularly bad With negation V{ŋŋit}V.
erligingaanngilaa It can easily be gotten from him From erligaa, 'he values it highly', hence the literal translation is 'he does not value it particularly highly' (implied: and therefore, we give it away easily/cheaply).