big (bad) N


Sometimes (but not always) with negative connotations of 'bad N', seemingly if used on living entities.

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
illorsuaq a big house
qimmersuaq a big dog Can also be 'a bad dog'.
illorsuuvoq it is a big house From {əŋlu}N{(q)cuaq}N{-u}V{vuq}. The example illustrates that /aq/ also drops before N{-u}V.
ipussuaq a big oar From {iputə}N, 'oar', i.e. a tə-stem, with optional elision of /ə/.
Kaalersuaq Charlemagne Or 'the big Carl'.
sialussuaq a great downpour Or 'rain-storm' etc.
taarsuaq a great darkness
nunarsuaq a vast land
kuussuaq a great river