tool/means for Vb'ing

Kalaallisut Translation Notes
misissuut a tool/means for examining something From misissorpaa, 'he examines it'. Note that V{-(cc)utə}N can even be used on divalent stems, as in this case, without first requiring the addition of a HTR-morpheme.
ilinniutit study-material(s), textbook From {əlitniaq}V, 'Actor studies/does homework' and with plural ending N{t}. Here we see the affix causing /aq/ drop on the stem. Note: the meaning can be singular (textbook), even though the form is plural.
imerterut watering can From {əməq}N{təq}V, 'Agent sprinkles Patient with water'. Here we see V{-(cc)utə}N attaching to /q/, and weakening it to /r/, rather than removing it.
inuussut means to live From {inuu}V, 'Actor is alive'. Here the form with /cc/ is used following a long vowel (here /uu/).