Morphemic form: V{-riutə}N (Combinations)
New orthography: -riutaa
Proto-eskimoic root:
Constituents: V{-riaq}V + V{-(cc)utə}N
Morpheme type: Nominaliser
Left sandhi: Default (additive, epenthetic or phonotactically truncative)
Right sandhi: None


Form and usage:

This affix is a combination of V{-riaq}V and V{-(cc)utə}N, where the latter causes /aq/ to drop from the former. Even though it yields a nominal stem, the meaning is still verbal, 'just after Possessor Vb'ed'. V{-(cc)utə}N is here used in a temporal sense (see its entry), and the combination is only used with possessive endings, where Possessor indicates the Subject of the underlying verbal stem. See also V{-(cc)utəgə}V, V{niariaq}N, V{niutə}N and V{niariutə}N for a different construction with the same meaning. Compare also V{llautə}N, V{(t)siisə}N and V{(t)siisəgə}V for a related construction with V{-(cc)utə}N denoting time.

Declension information

Stem type: tə-stem
Declension type: p-declined
Declension sandhi: Regular
Notes on declension:

Only used with possessive endings.


Meaning Notes
Just after Possessor Vb'ed Examples